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Use eDiscovery Managed Services For Lawyers To Streamline Your Next Case

Are you working on a case where there is a lot of electronic evidence that needs to go through? Perhaps you need to go through thousands of e-mails or thousands of data points in a company's database once you have permission from the court to access this information. The process of going through electronic data or information in an attempt to collect and organize evidence is referred to in the legal business as eDiscovery. If you need help or just want to streamline this process on your next case, it is possible to bring in some additional help. A firm that offers eDiscovery managed services may be able to assist. Here's how contacting an eDiscovery managed services team can benefit your law firm and your current case.

Managed Services Teams Have Digital Forensic Specialists Ready to Help

One of the most time-consuming aspects of eDiscovery is finding the right expert to help you parse, organize and understand the data. An eDiscovery managed services firm has multiple forensic specialists waiting to help. They'll typically specialize in a wide variety of different data collection tips and will be able to start processing your files right away without you even having to seek out such a specialist on your own.

Save Time By Keeping the Transfer of Data to a Minimum

If you are not currently working with a firm that specializes in eDiscovery and are hiring your own people one by one, you are going to have to make arrangements to securely transfer your data to that specialist so they can do their job. Every time you need the data looked at by someone else, that's another file transfer that can eat up time, especially when you are dealing with thousands or millions of files. With a managed service, your law firm only has to transfer or hand the data over once and then all of that firm's experts will be able to access it on an as-needed basis. It simply removes one hassle from the process and allows you to move forward with the actual examination of the data instead of dealing with housekeeping-like tasks.

Help Your Smaller Law Firm Stay Competitive With the Big Boys By Using an eDiscovery Service

If you are a one-lawyer shop or otherwise a still growing firm, you might feel like you are at a disadvantage in the courtroom if your law firm isn't able to land the best digital forensic experts in the business. But by hiring a managed service, you'll be able to partner up with top tier experts just like the bigger law firms.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for eDiscovery managed services, such as Blackstone Discovery.