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Copier Equipment: Why Your Business Should Lease

Office equipment is one of the largest expenses facing most business owners. If you've been gradually investing in the office equipment that you need to keep your business running, you might be in the market for copier machines. The first thing you'll find is that you have the option to buy or lease your company's copiers. Here's a look at a few of the reasons why leasing might be the best option for you.


One of the best reasons to opt for leasing instead of purchasing your company's copier equipment outright is the versatility that leasing offers you. Since you're not paying for the equipment in full, you may have the opportunity to invest in a machine with more features than you might not otherwise be able to afford. This could allow you to opt for a more versatile machine to help increase efficiency in your company's operations, which may help to improve your overall profits.

Accounting Simplicity

When you purchase copier equipment for your business outright, you not only have to account for the capital expense but, like all capital equipment, you also have to deal with the depreciation of that equipment in your accounting process.

Instead, if you choose to lease your copier equipment, those machines no longer become assets for your company because you won't actually own them. That means you only need to account for the monthly lease expenditure. With no depreciation or asset account changes, the accounting for leased copier equipment is far easier.

Maintenance Liability

Another factor that many business owners don't consider when they weigh the choices between buying or leasing their copier equipment is the cost of maintaining that equipment. Remember that, when you own capital equipment, you are responsible for the costs associated with the maintenance and repair of that equipment. Over time, this can add up significantly. Additionally, unexpected repairs can be a burden on your company's budget.

Opting to lease instead shifts the burden of these costs to the leasing company. If something goes wrong with your machines, you call the leasing company and they will address it. Additionally, you will be provided with a maintenance schedule so that you can be prepared for the required maintenance, which will be handled by technicians sent by the leasing company.


Finally, leasing gives you the opportunity to adapt your company's copier equipment to your changing business needs. When you lease, you have the opportunity to upgrade equipment or even terminate the lease early to replace the machine with something more advanced as your company's needs change.

For more information, contact a copier leasing company.