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3 Important Pieces Of Audio-Visual Equipment You May Need To Rent For A Trade Show

It's the prime place to get the word out about who you are as a business and what you have to offer clients, investors, and consumers. Trade shows are a huge deal in the marketing field, and they have to be played out just right to garner you as much attention as possible.

As a participant with something to sell attendees, it is critical that you do all you can to make your trade show booth one of the most frequented in the whole building, and that can take some audio-visual (AV) equipment. Thankfully, audio-visual equipment rental is not hard to find. Take a look at some of the pieces you may need to rent for your upcoming trade show event. 

Video Wall 

Get the attention of people from a long distance and provide useful video feed about your product or service with a video wall. A video wall is created out of a series of LCD panels that can be connected to a laptop or other device to generate a feed of whatever graphics you want. The size of rentable video walls can vary, so it should be no problem to find one that will work with the size of the booth you are renting for the trade show. 

Touch-Screen Monitor 

Give visitors to your booth the opportunity to interact with a digital screen on a large-scale basis. Large monitors the size of an actual television can be set up to display your marketing materials or an example of your service. For example, if you have a cool new platform for advertising that clients can subscribe to, you can use the screen to give clients an idea of how the platform would work. This hands-on interaction can do wonders when you want visitors to your booth to get a good feel for your new digital service. 

Sound Systems

Give every visitor who stops by your booth a good visual and audio impression with a rented sound system for the trade show. These sound systems can be used to play background music that complements your product or service. For instance, if you have a new "green" product or service, the sounds of nature work well in the booth. However, these sound systems are also good for keeping a looping feed of audio about your product or service going for visitors to hear throughout the event. For those who stop in your booth when you are busy or have steeped away, they will still be fed information about your product.