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3 Ways To Increase The Security Of Home With Technology

Technology is not just for your phones and computers. You can use technology to make your home safer. There are numerous tools that you can use to increase the security of your home.

#1 Smart Lock

A smart lock is a deadbolt lock that gives you great control over how you lock up your home. In order to unlock your door, instead of using a key, you use an app on your phone. That does mean that you need to keep your phone charged at all times. With a smart lock, the lock will automatically lock if your phone is more than a certain distance away from your house.

With a smart lock, you can also give people virtual keys to your home. For example, if you have friends visiting for the weekend, you can give them a time-limited virtual key to your home. They can use the key to enter your home until it expires. You can also track who comes in and out of your phone, as a log will be created of each person who unlocks the door.

#2 Video Doorbell

You can turn your doorbell into a smart feature. With a video doorbell, whenever someone gets within a certain range of the doorbell, the doorbell camera will be triggered, and you will receive an alert. You will be able to see who is at your door, allowing you to make smart choices about opening your door and allowing you to record who approaches your home when you are not present.

Most video doorbells run on rechargeable batteries and don't require hardwiring.

#3 Driveway Sensor

A driveway sensor is attached to your garage or your home near your driveway. It has a limited range and will alert you if someone pulls into your driveway. It will also alert you if it detects other forms of motion, such as someone walking around your driveway. The sensor itself will release a chime or sound to a receiver that is inside of your home. This allows you to know if someone walks up your driveway or drives up your driveway without even looking outside.

If you want to increase the security of your home, there are lots of ways to do that beyond installing a security system. You can upgrade your front door to a smart lock. You can add a video doorbell so that you can see anyone who approaches your home during the day. You can install a driveway sensor as well so that you are aware as soon as someone pulls up or walks onto your driveway.

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