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3 Simple Ways To Improve Security In Your Neighborhood

As a homeowner, safety is critical. However, the desire for safety and security are similar goals your neighbors' likely share. While it may not be your responsibility to protect your neighbor's homes, there are steps you can take to improve safety throughout the entire neighborhood. Learn how you can begin to enhance security in your community today. 

1. Know Your Neighbors

Make sure you know who your neighbors are. Sure, it's normal to want some boundaries, but having a general idea who lives next to you can be critically important. Most importantly, when you know who your neighbors are — you can better gauge who doesn't belong. 

If you see a person approaching someone's home that you don't know and that looks suspicious, you can quickly alert the authorities. If you don't know your neighbors, you can't as easily identify an intruder. Be sure to get your neighbors' cell phone or email address as well, so that you can contact them about any potential security concerns. 

2. Install an Alarm

Have a security professional come out to your home and install an alarm system. An alarm system is excellent for the level of security it provides you. However, these systems are also great because of the message they send. 

When a potential intruder comes into the neighborhood, seeing an alarm sign in the window of a home lets them know that this is a neighborhood that is protected and that is serious about security. In many instances, this factor alone is enough to send an intruder elsewhere. Once you have your security system installed, encourage your neighbors to do so as well to further strengthen the level of protection in the community. 

3. Keep the Area Clean

Do your part to keep your lawn and the area around your home as clean as possible. Unkempt landscaping creates perfect hiding spaces for intruders. However, to protect the neighborhood, you should take the same approach for the common areas. 

For example, if there is a park in the middle of the neighborhood, ensure the landscaping is maintained in the area to prevent an intruder from having a place to hide. When your neighbors see you taking a proactive approach to clean up the area, and they learn why they are more likely to join in and help in the effort. 

When every person does their part, the entire community benefits. Make sure you do your part and contact an alarm installation specialist, such as from Videotec Corporation, who can assist you with your installation needs.