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3 Things That Will Cause Your iPhone Battery To Wear Out Faster Than It Should

An electric battery is a pretty wonderful thing, especially since it allows you to recharge your phone numerous times without actually having to replace the battery. Even though the battery inside of your iPhone is well-built and has endurance, it will eventually wear out and run out of charging cycles.

While you may not be able to help the fact that batteries are not immortal, what you can do is make sure you are not doing anything to your battery to cause it to die faster than it should. Check out these things to avoid to protect the life of your battery.

Leaving your iPhone on the charger all the time. 

It sounds like logical thinking; you simply leave the charger plugged into your phone even though it is fully charged, so the battery doesn't drain while you are using your phone. This may seem logical, but it is not good for your iPhone battery to leave it on the charger when it is fully charged. Because the battery only has a limited number of charges, charging when the battery is almost full can cause problems. Plus, leaving the charger on the phone for long periods can cause the battery to overheat.

Leaving your iPhone in your vehicle in hot and cold temperatures.

Excessive heat and excessive cold are both hard on a cell phone battery. Therefore, it is best if you do not leave your phone in your vehicle in the middle of winter or summer when the temps in your car dip below freezing or get boiling hot. Keep your phone with you, in the house, or somewhere safe so you don't damage the phone battery. Likewise, keep your iPhone away from direct heat from heaters, the fan on your laptop, and anywhere else that would be hot enough to cause the battery to overheat.

Leaving your phone on GPS mode too often. 

Did you know that the GPS function on your phone drains the battery much faster than other functions? The fact is, making the GPS navigation work on your phone is a lot of work, which requires a lot of battery power. Because your battery only has so many charging cycles in its lifespan, it is best to steer clear of those functions that have you repeatedly having to recharge. It can be worth it to stick with your regular GPS navigation system instead of relying on your phone if it is at all possible. 

For more information, contact local iPhone battery replacement professionals.