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Preventative Maintenance Software For Your Construction Business: Why Get It?

The larger your construction company grows, the trickier it is for you to know every single aspect of what's going on. Even if you have competent site managers whenever you're working on projects in more than one location, you may feel concerned that you have less information about each individual site because you need to watch all of them. Computerized Maintenance Management (CMM) systems, often called CMMS software, can relieve you of some of that stress. Such preventative maintenance software solutions permit you to have, at your fingertips, a lot of data about each site. In addition, site managers can communicate with each other better, too. Here's how.

Better Equipment Tracking and Maintenance Schedules

Although your company may be operating at multiple sites, it's possible that you still only have a finite number of boom trucks, lifts, and scaffolding. If anything goes wrong with equipment in one spot, you need to figure out how to get a spare from the other site there quickly. It's easy to lose track of which equipment is on which site, and it's possible that no one is checking when a boom truck's oil must be changed or whether a forklift's brakes need inspection. Equipment could fail at a high rate just because so many people are using it in different locations that things are ignored.

CMMS software uploaded to each site will provide that information to everyone; that way, when one site needs a machine and it's delivered, they can check into the system to look for notes about condition and upcoming maintenance. They might suggest maintenance if the machine is returned before that maintenance is done. You'll worry less that work will have to stop to repair something that should have been noticed days ago.

Better Information Control

If one of your clients has a specific question about something happening with their project, you probably need to have a meeting with the appropriate site manager to get updates and relevant information. With CMMS programs, you can read updates frequently within the system from wherever you are and check for specific notes so you can respond to your client right away. You'll have a firmer grasp on the issues, equipment, and progress being made.

Easier Supply Orders

Supplies, tools, filters, and other items will need to be handled by your company, and if your office staff is overwhelmed by different locations making individual requests, there is bound to be confusion. CMMS platforms help staff members handling inventory to place a handful of orders for everyone instead of every other day for each of your sites.

Try different software solutions before buying a specific platform, and ask site managers to try them as well. With preventative maintenance software, you can successfully keep multiple construction sites operating smoothly and feel confident about your ability to run them all well.