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Include These Features When You Have Residential Security Gates Installed

There are a number of ways to successfully protect your home, including a security system, cameras inside and outside, and motion-activated lights throughout your yard. Another important feature that you can consider is a set of security gates. Installed at the end of your driveway or even partway up the driveway, these gates will prevent vehicles from approaching your home, which may be a key way to deter break-and-enter crimes. When you hire a security company to install the gates for you, you'll have several styles and features from which to choose. Beyond the physical gate itself, here are some features that you'll want to include.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are a must-have feature for your residential security gates. Connected to your computer or even your mobile device, you'll be able to monitor the feed to see what the camera sees whenever you're concerned that someone has approached your property. One or more visible security cameras can serve as a valuable deterrent— few thieves will want to attempt to break into your home when it's clear their arrival and departure will be captured on camera. Security cameras can also capture information about vehicles, including their make, model, and license plate, that may look suspicious.

Intercom System

Occasionally, someone will approach your residential security gate and wish to make contact with you. In this scenario, an intercom system built into the gate will be handy. You may have lots of legitimate visitors to your home, including renovation contractors and pool service workers, but you'll always want to verify their identity. By having them park their vehicles at the gate and contact you via the intercom, you can ensure that the visitor is who he or she is supposed to be before you move forward with opening the gate remotely.

Motion Sensors

Another valuable security feature for your residential security gate is a set of motion sensors. Aimed at the driveway, these sensors can alert you to someone's presence outside your gate by sounding a chime inside your home or giving you a notification on your smartphone. You can then check the security feed to see who has arrived — it may just be a passing cat from the neighborhood, but it's better to be safe than sorry. You may even wish to have the sensors connected to lights built into the gateposts. This will illuminate the area when someone approaches the gate after dark.

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