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Run A Dental Practice? 4 Ways That Piezo Technology Benefits You And Your Patients

If you've been using ultrasonic devices in your dental practice, you've encountered a piezo device that was utilizing a fast steering mirror. The piezo device, coupled with the fast steering mirror allows delicate dental work to be completed without the invasive techniques necessary for traditional dental procedures. The result is quicker procedure time, reduced post-procedure infections, and speedier recoveries. Here are just four of the ways that piezo technology and fast steering mirrors can benefit your dental practice.

Comfortable Cavity Repairs

When it comes to caring for dental carries, many patients complain about the sound that's generated from the dental equipment. One benefit of using ultrasonic devices in your office is that the unnerving sounds of the dental equipment is avoided. Patients are able to take their mind off the procedure because they don't have the loud noise ringing in their ears. Another important advantage of ultrasonic devices in the dental office is that decay can be removed far less painfully than with traditional dental equipment. That means patients will be more likely to have necessary dental work, since there will be less pain involved in the procedure.

More Effective Deep Cleaning

When patients have periodontal diseases, deep cleanings become crucial for proper treatment. Unfortunately, deep cleanings often come with intense pain, significant bleeding, and increased risk of serious infections following the procedure. Ultrasonic devices allow you to perform delicate deep cleanings without the risk of bleeding or infections. Not only that, but the ultrasonic procedure is much less painful than the traditional forms of deep cleaning. With the use of ultrasonic devices, you can get into the periodontal sacs and remove all the decay and bacteria from around the root.

Thorough Root Canal Prep

When it comes to root canals, you need the area to be properly cleaned, and you need all the excess debris to be removed from the canal. That process can be better accomplished when you use ultrasonic devices. The device is particularly useful when the root needs to be chemically disinfected to remove deep infections. The ultrasonic device allows pinpoint accuracy for the delivery of the disinfecting agents that are being used.

Safer Removal of Orthodontic Bonding Agents

One problem with orthodontic treatment is the removal of the bonding agent once treatment is completed. In most cases, removing the bonding agent leaves the enamel etched and damaged. Unfortunately, that can lead to an increased risk of tooth damage, tooth sensitivity, and decay. Ultrasonic devices allow the bonding agent to be removed completely, and without damage to the enamel.

When you run a dental office, you want the best technology for your dental equipment. Piezo scanners and fast steering mirrors keep your ultrasonic equipment on the cutting edge of dental equipment technology.