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5 Features Of A Good Rental Sewer Camera

Sewer inspection cameras are essential equipment for seeing inside drains, pipelines, and tight spaces that can't ordinarily be inspected with the naked eye. Whether you are renting a sewer camera for a plumbing, contracting or engineering job, or for a home inspection, there are several key features you should look for. Before you set out to rent your sewer camera, consider the following aspects and how they might help you in your job:

1. A Water and Chemical Proof Body

It stands to reason that you will want to select a sewer camera that offers waterproof housing. This is especially important if you will be using the inspection camera for probing into a sewer drain. Although most sewer cameras are indeed waterproof, not all are considered chemical proof, however. This is also important for avoiding rust and corrosion on the unit, especially those with stainless steel housing. Of course, if you are renting the device, this might not seem important, but in actuality, a chemical proof device could work to your advantage. A chemical proof camera is designed to provide protection against explosion from volatile chemicals.

2. An Extra Long Insertion Probe

Your sewer camera needs to include an insertion pole length that can easily be placed from one spot to another. If you require a very long insertion probe, your sewer camera rental should include some type of reel that is situated on a stand. This will hold the probe neatly and allow you to work freely.

3. Camera Illumination With Pan and Tilt

While all sewer cameras will be illuminated, some are brighter than others. You'll need the bright illumination to see inside dimly lit interiors, such as drain pipes and manholes. Ask for a sewer camera that features bright LEDs that may be adjusted according to your specific needs. The pan and tilt feature is another option to consider. This type of camera head allows for a precise capture of images around tight corners and spaces.

4. A High Quality LCD Screen With Keyboard

The LCD screen on the system you rent should be able to provide a clear, reflection-free view when outdoors in bright sunlight. This is where the feature of a "sun visor" on the screen comes in handy. Also, look for a wide viewing angle on the screen, with a high resolution. This will provide a crisp and clear image. If you're lucky, the model may also include a keyboard on the screen panel. This will enable you to take notes while you capture and view images.

5. Included DVR With Digital Recording and Memory Card Slot

If you want to capture more than still images, this feature is a must. The DVR with digital recorder will allow you to record sound emitting from sewer lines and drain pipes. Also, a memory card slot will allow you to store the recording on a micro SD card for later playback.